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QUINOAPLEX R₃ bonds, moisturizes and nourishes with natural quinoa protein and certified organic ingredients. It rebuilds hair damaged during chemical color or bleaching protein for hair treatment for damaged hair hair loss treatment
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Keeps hair healthier before and after coloring or bleaching
  • Refreshes scalp, activating circulation, providing oil reduction
  • Prevents split ends and improves strength
  • Increases elasticity and manageability
  • Builds volume for easier styling, increasing gloss for healthier looking hair
  • Restores protein, vitamins, and all 8 essential amino acids in hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

Typically, 5 sprays of the QUINOAPLEX R₃ 125 mL / 4 fl. oz. size, and 2 pumps from the QUINOAPLEX R₃ 500 mL / 17 fl. oz. dispenser. Adjust as necessary.

Use at least two times before coloring or bleaching hair. Hair takes and holds color better. There is less damage from the color or bleach. Color lasts longer. Quinoa reduces damage by up to 32%. Use regularly between shampoo and conditioner for visibly glossier more vibrant hair. Quinoa provides up to 51% shinier, smoother, stronger, more manageable hair. Use for normal uncolored hair when it is distressed and dry from over-styling, sun, sea, chlorine, drying winds, and city pollution. QUINOAPLEX R₃ is the perfect single substitute for all other ‘plexes’.

Contains certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera. Free from silicone, sulphates, paragons, phthalates, DEA and aldehydes. GMO Free. Gluten Free. Not tested on animals

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